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Australia - New Delivery Choices
2016, 1036 UTC

Complaints are mounting about Australia Post's parcel delivery service and an automatic scanning system that sends parcels thousands of kilometres in the wrong direction, or refuses to recognise home addresses that have been used for decades.

And a tough approach to under-paid mail has started turning people off letters, with one distressed lady saying she now lumps her beloved postal service "in the same basket as the big banks and electricity companies".


USA - Awards for best Courier Drivers
2016, 1077 UTC

Four drivers representing FedEx Corp. operating companies were crowned National Champions in their respective driving classes at the 2016 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) in Indianapolis Aug. 9-13



Argentina Samples customs
2016, 1258 UTC

The change advised Oct 14, 2015, that all biological samples imported into Argentina will require formal clearance (no fast courier clearance anymore) has been put on hold due to customs systems issues. Once these are fixed, the new rules apply.

At the moment World Courier is able to clear these shipments as courier just as normal under Regulation 3579. For the moment consignees need again to complete form 4550 through AFIP web page. It is not known how long this suspension will last and it could change on short notice.



Barcelona delays
2016, 1042 UTC

Due to an increase of number of airlines handled by Swissport, but not hiring more staff, BCN is seeing heavy delays of up to 5 hrs for import and export shipments.



India - new rules
2016, 1036 UTC

For import of all pharmaceutical shipments & food products,
1) The manufacturing date, expiry date and batch number must be indicated and identical on Invoice, Packing List and Product Label.
2) Indian Customs will NOT allow import if the product shelf life is less than 60%. Calculate shelf life as follows: 100% * (Expiry Date - Flight Arrival Date) / (Expiry Date - Manufacturing Date).